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Antique rocking horse buyers shopping for an antique rocking horse will love our range of antique rocking horses. Buy your traditional Victorian antique rocking horse from the selection of antique rocking horses available from The Kensington Rocking Horse Company and National Rocking Horses. Their traditional, hand-made, Victorian-style and contemporary wooden rocking horses of antique wood quality for adults and children delight buyers in our rocking horse shop.

The term antique rocking horse is often used to denote a particular style of rocking horse. We might otherwise call it a traditional rocking horse or a Victorian or Georgian rocking horse. Handmade and hand-carved in the traditional way and finished by hand to a high standard, these antique rocking horses are sure to impress adult and child alike. In the UK and overseas, painted wooden dapple or dappled greys are even more popular with children than polished hardwood finishes. Antique rocking horses may never have been produced by hand to such a high standard in the UK.

Children may also ride superb smaller children's wooden rocking horses for a baby and young children which make superb 'toys' and include"Europe's best rocking horse".


antique rocking horse buyers can find details of the shop by following the link to:

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which includes a link to The Kensington Rocking Horse Company, for those who wish to buy the right antique rocking horse, not just any antique rocking horse.

You will find their showroom and Sussex rocking horse shop where many of the horses, which are made by hand are for sale.

A detailed summary of their range of rocking horses is also given.



There is a choice of antique rocking horses and rocking horse makers and dapple grey or dappled grey available to antique rocking horse buyers. Children and adults share a love of a classic traditional rocking horse, regardless of not it is bought for a child or an adult. They are made by the makers to a high quality standard and are antiques of the future as well as a source of joy, pleasure and fantasy for the present. Those seeking a classic traditional gift for a baby, a child or an adult for Christmas, a birthday or a christening will be well served by tradition. Polished wood finishes supplement the painted (usually dapple or dappled) finishes available on the antique rocking horses.

Buyers all over the UK and elsewhere in Europe have admired our antique rocking horses and you are welcome to visit our showroom and Sussex rocking horse shop to view, ride and possibly buy the work of the finest UK makers too. You can be sure of a warm and friendly welcome when visiting the 'stable'. Please contact us for friendly advice about your classic investment in quality in wood and a future heirloom. These beautifully crafted creatures deserve pride of place in the home.

So, if you are shopping to buy an antique rocking horse, please do include the specialists in antique rocking horses, National Rocking Horses, now part of The Kensington Rocking Horse Company.

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