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Rocking horse buyers in Bristol UK will admire rocking horses for Bristol. Those Bristol UK rocking horse buyers in Clifton and Redland, Bristol or Bath UK, will love the carving of traditional UK handmade rocking horse makers The Kensington Rocking Horse Company and National Rocking Horses. Their traditional rocking horses of antique wood quality for adults and children will benefit shoppers in Bristol, the former Avon and Birmingham.

Rocking horse buyers around Bristol and the former Avon and cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bath and Cardiff can buy new carved dapple grey horses and traditional Victorian dappled greys. The hand-carved quality and craft and the real horsehair, leather tack, and 100% hardwood construction is certain to impress Bristol, Cardiff and Manchester shoppers.

Bristol children may also enjoy classic smaller children's wooden rocking horses for a baby and young children which make classic 'toys' and include"Europe's best rocking horse".





Our rocking horses makers supply Bath, Bradley Stoke, Rislington, Bristol, Chelwood, Chew Magna, Clevedon, Clifton with rocking horses. Your rocking horse can be made for Clutton, Congresbury, Cotham, Farmborough, Farrington, Gurney, Fishponds. A rocking horse for Frampton, Cotterell, Hawkesbury, Upton, Keynsham, Long Ashton, Nailsea, Portishead comes from us. We have traditional tocking horse making for Radstock, Thornbury,Timsbury, Weston-super-Mare, Yate.
There is a choice of wood horses, dapple grey dappled grey for Bristol and Liverpool UK. Antique-style, 'Victorian' dapple greys and wooden dapples for Bristol and Bath include tulipwood, mahogany, utile, cherry, and oak. French-polished rocking horses with removable saddles have sold well in Bristol and Birmingham. These beautifully crafted creatures deserve pride of place in the home.

Buyers in Bristol and Cardiff from the shop for sale for a baby or young child in London, which includes award-winning, imaginative rocking horse designs.

So, if you shop for Bristol - or indeed in Bath, London, Manchester, Cardiff and Birmingham - and shop to buy a traditional wooden rocking horse for an heirloom or a smaller wooden rocking horse for a child in Bristol, please do follow the links and browse for details of the two combined wooden ranges.

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