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Rocking horse buyers in Devon will enjoy the rocking horses available for Devon. Those Devon rocking horse buyers in Devon and Exmoor and Dartmoor appreciate The Kensington Rocking Horse Company and National Rocking Horses. A Dartmoor rocking horse Devon maker will benefit the Devon and Dartmoor rocking horse rider.

Our rocking horse maker for Devon covers Exeter, Plymouth, Barnstable, Tiverton, Torquay and Bideford. Traditional wooden rocking horses makers serve Exmoor and Dartmoor rocking horse supply. Traditional leather saddle and bridle is used in Exeter and Torbay. Dartmoor and Exmoor rocking horse buyers react similarly.

Devon rocking horse manufature includes classic smaller children's wooden rocking horses for toddlers and children to ride which are superb 'toys' and include"Europe's best rocking horse".





There is a range of UK wood horses and traditions of the ever-popular dapple grey or dappled grey available to Devon buyers and this includes antique-style, 'Victorian' dapple greys as well as more contemporary styles and designs. Carved wood finishes available to the discerning Devon rocking horse buyer include tulipwood, mahogany, utile, cherry, and oak and these include traditional French-polished finishes to the highest standards of UK craftsmanship. Removable saddles have been received well by Devon buyers shopping as in Sussex, Surrey and Essex UK.

Buyers shopping in Devon have already discovered that the accessibly-priced UK range for sale for a baby or young child, which includes prize-winning, imaginative horses, fully deserves a place in the 'stable' in Hampshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. These beautifully crafted creatures deserve pride of place in the home.

So, if you do live in Devon - perhaps in and around Exeter, Plymouth, Barnstable, Tiverton, Torquay and Bideford - and have an interest in a traditional wooden rocking horse or a smaller wooden rocking horse for a young child in Devon, please do follow the links and browse for details of the two combined wooden ranges.


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