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This gallery features some of our hand-carved traditional rocking horses. By clicking on the photos, you can see an enlarged picture and more details, as with this dapple grey rocking horse.





Our rocking horses are entirely hand made by high skilled and experienced carvers in workshops in Sussex, Cornwall, Lincolnshire and Lancashire. Here, you can see two of our dapple grey rocking horses.





The friendly face and a warm personality of our dapple grey rocking horse is combined with subtlety, grace and sophistication which makes it a rocking horse for adults just as much as for children. It seems to appeal to horse lovers, in particular.




Many customers prefer the more compact swinger or safety stand, but there is no denying the elegance and grace of the bow rocker, as seen here. This rocking horse is a replica of a Georgian or early Victorian rocking horse and has been subtlely 'antiqued' to enhance the air of authenticity.


A natural wood finish such as this mahogany rocking horse is a combination of the joy of a rocking horse and the elegance of the finest classic furniture. It is skilfully and painstakingly French-polished in many layers in the traditional manner by a polishing expert. No 'brush-on' short cuts are taken and the depth and subtlety of the finish is evident.


These superb mahogany rocking horses would compliment any tastefully-furnished home and would suit both contemporary and more traditional surroundings. Given the excellence of their design, carving and finish, they also represent outstanding value for money.


Possible the world's finest small wooden rocking horse for very young children, Europe's Favourite Rocking Horse is priced from just £299 and represents superb value in a rocking horse of excellent quality, which stands out from the crowd.

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